Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Want It Now: Vintage Home Style

{ Air Plant in Blue Bird Cage } and { Vintage Glass Brass Box }
{ Antique Composition Doll } and { Vintage Wooden Chairs }
{ Vintage Industrial Metal Paperweight } and { Clay Horse Head Bookends }

I'm rather an impatient shopper. Once I decide that I want something, I want it right then and there. New shoes, a coat, a good cup of coffee, pancakes, a different bedspread... whatever. Yes, I realize this is not the most admirable of qualities. But I fear at this stage in the game, I'm probably stuck with it.

This kind of a desire to have something right away is a problem when it comes to home design though. For most things I really prefer vintage pieces, but it's not as though you can run to Target and find that great antique bookcase that you've been pining for.

It takes time. Sigh.

Working part time at an antique store helps with a bit of expediting, but for everything else there's ETSY. In the last year of so, a pretty incredible crop of sellers of great vintage design pieces have popped up. I'm always cooing over some strange.precious little porcelain doll or metal.wood industrial furniture.

Do you have any favorite home design stores.sites? If you have a post about design goodies, I'd love to know -- you can share your link using the widget below!!


briannelee said...

I love those horse bookends!

colleen~haven vintage said...

thank you so much for the all of your choices!

Anonymous said...

Love it especially the bird cage from earthseawarrior!

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

Love the chairs!!!!

Mary said...

all beautiful things!ecp.chairs and cage)

las nenas vintage said...

I love yours post is so vintage!!
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