Monday, December 5, 2011

Want It Now: Kilim Drawstring Bags

These handmade Kilim bags from A Kind of Guise are perfection. The folks over there have taken some of the rugs that they'd brought back from a trip to the Middle East, and made limited run of bags for what they're calling The Kilim project.

I'm smitten with the fact that they're not only "recycling" vintage materials to craft their goods, but also that each of these bags would have it's very own origins story behind it. While most products have country of origin labels, it's far cooler to be able to know where exactly the materials from your bag came from, when they were gotten, and who made them into something wonderful.


random cat said...

If my grandma's eyes were better I would ask her to weave you one and send it over to you and you could make your own authentic kilim bag:)
Her house in Macedonia was full of these
PS thanks for linking me :)

Pretty Little World said...

That would be an even better story to have about a bag! It would also be lovely to have a grandmother with a house full of Kilim :)