Friday, December 16, 2011

Thomas Crown

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Aren't these images of Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway from the original The Thomas Crown Affair just smoldering? I could watch this movie over and over again. I actually liked the remake, but I'll take Steve McQueen over Pierce Brosnan any day.

This semester is almost through, so I'm looking forward to some days that can be taken up with nothing other than old movies and good books. What's standing between me and that time: a holiday party, a long overdue visit from a good friend (both of these, obviously go in the "good busy" category), a little stretch of grading, Christmas shopping (no, I'm not done), an auction, and a short non-vacationy trip up north.

Doable, right?


Teresa @ good-grace said...

Sounds wonderful!

And now, I have to see the original Crown. McQueen smolders. Damn!

My Beautiful World said...

So nice to meet you just found your lovely blog and so happy I did. Just love these photos you can feel it. I have enjoyed looking around and I'm now following you, if you find a spare minute hope you visit me sometime and follow back if you like. Sending you special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012

Always Wendy

designchic said...

What a great movie and these images are amazing...thrilled to find and follow your blog this morning!

Courtney said...

I am so glad to be done with grading. SO.VERY.GLAD.

Amanda Hill said...

Just found your blog...such great stuff! I am becoming a new follower for sure! See ya soon xoxo.

Mary said...

What amazing bw photos! i 'm i love)