Monday, December 12, 2011

Want It Now: Indoor Pool

Last Saturday I popped by the second day of an estate sale that was just a few minutes from my house. 50% off days are kind of great - there's not really the pressure to be there as early as possible + no having to fight people off for something specific you might want.

There were a few good things that I picked up, though the best was just getting to be in the house itself - they had an a.mazing indoor pool! Like, just add people + drinks and you'd have the coolest parties ever.

The house had already been sold - and only for a few hundred thousand above our budget - but now an indoor pool is on my "things I didn't know that I wanted but now absolutely need to have" list.


briannelee said...

I have always wanted an indoor pool!

nicole royles said...

I know the "things i didn't know I wanted but now absolutely have to have" list all too well. lol!

katie said...

Wow! it is so good to see an indoor pool. One step closer to having one.