Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat . Eye

I have to shamefully admit that makeup-wise, I'm not a very adventurous person. My routine is pretty much the same all of the time: concealer (pesky dark circles), tinted moisturizer, basic eyeliner, mascara. It takes me all of five seconds to do my makeup.

Recently I've been trying to expand my repertoire (if you can call it that), and have been doing a cat eye for day. Trouble is this: it is not easy to use liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line on your own eye. I've watched a couple of quick tip videos and read a few beauty articles, but there are times when I still have to wipe everything off and start over.

But when it works, I love it. Does anyone have any good tips for doing this yourself?

Pic: Keiko Lynn


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

I bought a fine tip eyeliner brush from sephora and that helped tremendously (although, some of the bristles are coming off). It also helps to balance your elbow of your drawing arm on something for support. Then I just pull back my eye and drag the brush across, go over the spots I missed, and clean up with a q-tip.

Hope this helps! (I always get one eye perfect, and the other I have to do over and over.)

elsiee said...

love a cat eye but I also end up wiping it off half the time cause it's just not right and when it's not right it's SO wrong - I love the cat eye in your photo!

Camile said...

oh god it happend the same with me, one eye look good, but the other :/ totally suck :(, good look with you new routine :D! i hope you can share photos :D

Pretty Little World said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll try tracking down a good brush and see if that helps - the brush that comes with the liner just makes smudges, which is not really what I'm going for, lol!

drollgirl said...

liquid eyeliner is not easy! lately i have been using it on the top lid, then letting it dry, then putting on my eyeshadow, and then putting a bit of kohl eyeliner on top of the liquid eyeliner to soften it a bit, and to cover any inevitable uneven spots!

p.s. i wear a lot of eye makeup! i look weird without eyeshadow. really weird!