Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage . Vs . Vintage

When Free People first started selling vintage, I mentioned that it was quite lovely, well-photographed, but also a little pricey. Well, apparently the folks behind Vintage Loves didn't think it was pricey enough, as the garments are now kind of insane.

For instance, the Tweed Coat on the left rings up at $798.00, before tax. For that, I suspect that it must come with a few loose diamonds in the pocket, but for one reason or another, they're keeping it hush-hush.

If you want a coat of the same style, but much prettier (and priced for sane people), there's the New York City Tweed Coat, on the right, from Sally Jane Vintage. At $88.00, it's got a cute fur collar and gorgy burgundy color + you're buying from an ETSY seller as compared to a large company!


Sally Jane Vintage said...

Thanks for the Etsy shop love, dear! - SJV

briannelee said...

Wow, that is insane. I would also go to a vintage store and look for one myself. I feel like the $50-$100 range is fair for a jacket like that.

Katy said...

Ugh. I hate that kind of thing!

Here's one I noticed today. You could get this "fox" scarf from Anthro for $238, or THIS "fox" scarf from Etsy seller SillyHilly for $50.

OldFashionAllies said...

What? It has no label AND in not returnable? I can't believe people would actually shop for vintage on Free People, their just being ridiculous with their prices.

Shallow Mallow said...

Quite a few vintage shops have sprung up over the past couple of years where I live but while the prices aren't quite as insane as all that they're still rather heart attack inducing. Turns out they import most of the clothes via eBay and Etsy and after charging postage and all they still double the price for good measure. I'll cut out the middle man thank you very much!

I rather like the coat from Sally Jane's :)