Saturday, October 9, 2010

Metal . Ware

I recently picked up this vintage metal cabinet from Lamb's Gate Antiques. After we ripped out the hideous built-in that had previously been in the house, we'd been looking for the perfect piece to replace it. It had to be small enough to not feel in the way, but substantial enough to avoid looking like we we'd just sat something there.

This little cabinet is both functional and lovely, + it goes with the color scheme (green, gray, cream/white) that we've been using. Now I'm keeping an eye open for a mirrored tray + a vintage globe, and we're going to use it as a little bar of sorts. (Right now it's home to some coral and vintage test tubes that I found at a salvage shop.)

In other news, I finally caught up with the last two episodes of Gossip Girl, and without spoiling anything, let me just say this:

1. I get that Nate is not the brightest bulb in the box, but after getting bamboozled sooo many times, why doesn't he start to pick up on scheming more quickly? WAKE UP NATE!
2. No one likes Vanessa. Can't we just all agree on that and get rid of her already?
3. If we've thrown out all pretense of reality - which, lets face it, we have - lets stop saying that any of these people are college students. Living in NY and having a fancy apartment does not a student make.
4. Blair ♡
5. Chuck ♡
6. Blair + Chuck Forever ♡


briannelee said...

Wow, that metal cabinet is AMAZING!!!!!

I love Chuck and Blair together too. I hope they work things out. Vanessa is a troll. I have no idea what is going on w/ her wardrobe. I cannot wait for Juliette to be off the show.

Pretty Little World said...

I'm pretty sure that the wardrobe department just grabs sale items from someplace (Forever21?), mixes them randomly, and then voila, Vanessa.

Also, ugh, Juliette. Maegan said...

your photos just hate to load ...grrrrrr and I always want to see them so I refresh my browser but sill photos. Just now I refreshed 3 times and still I see only the polka dot love photos below & one from Rough. Edges ...the rest are little question marks. Just fyi :)

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Is it just the photos that I take that don't load well/at all, or is it all of the photos?

Tea bag Love said...

that cabinet is simply amazing. it reminds me of the old cabinets you find at libraries to look books up.


ana b. said...

You found that beautiful, large piece of coral at a salvage shop? What a great find. The drawers too. Architectural drawers like that here in NZ even second-hand cost so much!

KristiMcMurry said...

gossip girl! I love it...I don't follow it like I wish I could. Just don't have the time, but I love catching an episode now and then. I agree Blair and Chuck forever! I would really love to name my first born son Chuck. ha! But my future husband's last name is Woody, so that wouldn't work.

Jessica said...

Aww, I actually like Vanessa. She's one of the few down-to-earth people on the show!

I just adore the piece you picked up! It's a show stopper, but it's also going to be so useful with all of those drawers!