Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Green . Giant

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, pretty much everything that I picked up at IKEA was a shade of lovely apple green:

These are the put-together boxes that I got to go in the entertainment center, and I'm so glad I did -- I'm completely smitten with their fresh color!

Strangely enough, getting the entertainment center in order has been one of the most difficult projects in the whole house. We purchased a reasonably large one because it needs to hold a lot {flat screen, cable box, PS3, vintage receiver, spare record player, and lots of dvds). But the question has been: how do we accessorize this, let it hold our stuff, AND still get it to fit with the rest of the room {botanical, woodsy}?

The green boxes are going a long way to help, but there's still more that needs doing! I'm thinking of getting one or two more of the wicker boxes, and then also filling in other cubbies with a mix of vintage decorations...but who knows how it will actually turn out!


briannelee said...

Vintage decorations would be cool... vintage cameras, train cases (can also be for storage), etc.

jeannie said...

oooo, I love those green boxes. They add such a sophisticated touch.

drollgirl said...

love it!!!

i have a wall unit from ikea that is TO DIE FOR. it is reminiscent of your entertainment center. i have lots of books and some ceramics, and some other doodads. i am crazy for cubbies. they bring order to chaos. LOVE THEM!

and the green boxes in your cubbies are FABULOUS! i am picturing an orchid somewhere in the room, as i bet the leaves would bounce so well off of these boxes. or probably any type of plant.

GOD! sorry for babbling!

ana b. said...

I can't believe you got your tv, ps3, cable etc etc looking that good! My boy has all those things and more too and they're all scattered everywhere. And I see a beautiful rug!

Pretty Little World said...

^^ The rug is from Urban Outfitters! I wasn't sure if it would fit with the living room at first, but when the green boxes went in, it suddenly felt perfect!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I have totally been going crazy with green lately... it seems so fresh.

(and yes, your rug is gorgeous!)