Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday = Art . Day

I'm a pretty hopeless crafter. Much of this stems from my inability to finish projects that I start. I get interested in something and then am just as quickly on to the next thing.

So yesterday morning I went to a mixed-media art class with Theresa, whom I absolutely adore. I had to bring a canvas and myself, and then there were loads of goodies that she brought with which we could make our art!

The fact that I had loose guidelines, a time limit, and help was the only reason that I managed to complete anything at all!

Mine is composed of bits of vintage images, sewing patterns, odd pieces from an old dictionary, and loads of rhinestones! My favorite thing about this project is that not a single drop of glue was used -- everything is done with wax!! Now it just needs some kind of wonderful vintage frame, and up on the wall it can go :)


briannelee said...

It is so pretty! I love it!!!!

elsiee said...

wax?? that is so interesting! and the final result is just beautiful!

Kristen said...

Beautiful and I love the image you picked of Our Lady of Mount Carmel!! =]]

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

That was so fun and your pictures are AMAZING!!! I so need a new camera, mine don't come close. Really your collage turned out so beautiful and it was really a great time, I loved hanging out with you and your mom, such fun. Great art day definitely! ~ Theresa

Bree said...