Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've . Got . the . Gossip . Girl . Blues

** Spoiler Warning **
If you haven't seen the last few episodes of Gossip Girl (and care!), you might want to skip past this post!

I'll start out by saying that I do like Gossip Girl. And the first two seasons I watched on dvd, and watched in about two days.

This season, eh, it's okay. Some of the story lines seem like throwaway ideas, and I've written before about some of the very unrealistic aspects of GG, but this season seems to be pushing it even further. For instance,

1. Jenny - 16-year-old-high-schooler-still-living-with-her-parents-Jenny - continues to be dressed like a 40-year old prostitute who hangs out in the seedier parts of Miami.

Now that she's hooked up with a Euro Trash drug dealer (GG's words, not mine!), it's only a matter of time before she's doing lines off the toilet seat in some posh restaurant.

2. And speaking of wardrobe issues, Serena (who has, without the benefit of education or experience, somehow wrangled a PR job at a US Congressional office) is even more frequently being dressed like a high-class call girl. This is what she wore for a day at the office:

... granted, I have never worked for a congressman, but I suspect that coming into work in a skintight mini dress with bright red fishnets would not be looked on kindly.

Also, did anyone else think it a tad odd that immediately after winning election to office, the (supposed) ultra ethical congressman-elect thought the first and smartest thing he should do was have a martini with an 18-year old in a public bar? Hmmm....

3. Vanessa is going about her....adfafsfdvcxbgsG.

Sorry, I fell asleep at the computer. I don't know what real function Vanessa has on the show and she gets the most boring story lines ever.

4. Dan and Nate have sort of turned into the same character, but since neither C.C. or P.B. could act much to begin with, it doesn't really matter, does it?

5. Blair and Chuck. Ah, a bit of relief, at last. These two continue to smolder, plot, and smolder some more. Do little fires start all over the set when they film their scenes?

Perhaps we could all suggest that GG just become the Blair & Chuck show -- I would absolutely still watch that.

The third season is also where The O.C. started to go seriously downhill as well. Perhaps after two seasons, Josh Schwartz should just pass the creative buck onto someone else?


Taylor Sterling said...

As much as I enjoy watching this show for the terrible entertainment it is...I totally agree with everything you said!

briannelee said...

Vanessa's hair is driving me up a wall. I also hate all her clothes!

Heidi Jo said...

I've never watched Gossip Girl.... oh, actually, I saw it once... but this was a very entertaining post without even knowing anything about the show. : )

Maddy said...

That's too bad! I heard great things about this show and was looking forward to watching the first two seasons over "winter break". Maybe I should save my energy and catch a series that's not jumping the shark :(

Dream Sequins said...

I just LOLed at all your wardrobe assessments of these ladies. Seriously, though, you've hit Jenny Humphrey's wardrobe and personna on the nose. Damn.

♥Aubrey said...

Oooo how i miss watching this show...the music is the best when it's a juicy part :)-

drollgirl said...

this season is A SNORE. i am about to quit. i like to look at the outfits and to hate that stupid jenny character (and the ACTRESS THAT PLAYS HER -- god she bugs!!!!). the story lines are lame, and blair is becoming super irritating. ugh. i might be outgrowing the show unless it starts improving FAST.

Ms. Jenn said...

Almost died with the Vanessa comment! This is so true. What is with those outfits on hooker 1 & 2?

Jessicaaa said...

So I definitely have a GG obsession, but I ah-gree with everything you said! BLAIR & CHUCK = MY FAVE.

tee said...

So true! Serena always looks like a hooker, Vanessa is tres lame and unnecessary, and the "Blair & Chuck" show is the only plot line keeping that ship afloat.

Btw, I stumbled upon your blog through It's Unbeweaveble and now I'm following! Nice work. :)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

The way Jenny dresses these days vexes me greatly. And Serena's wardrobe does not seem to be doing as well as it used to.
I watch for Blair, her beautiful outfits and flower arrangements (though we're seeing less of the latter at NYU!).
I'm just not liking this season as much.

Florrie x