Friday, August 6, 2010

Cleveland . Cleveland

We came to Cleveland this weekend for a couple of reasons: there was a car here that I wanted to buy, and some of B.'s family will be in town from New York. Well, despite making an appointment to see the car, they sold it the morning before we got here!!

{ add lots of cursing here }

So I was quite pouty, because I really wanted the car, a Toyota Prius for a great price. B. offered to take me to Nordstrom and Saks instead.

{ add lots of little cheering here }

I found a crazy cool pair of Jeffrey Campbell clogs on sale for $45 (woohoo!!):

And then the very best part...

B. got me a new Louis Vuitton Multicolore Cles Key & Card holder!!! My other one is white, and because I use it every day, it's getting a pinch dirty. Holy best fiancé ever!

{ add lots more smiling here }

I think it goes really well with my Jumbo Flap. It's also hot pink inside, which the girly girl in me loves.


briannelee said...

So jealous!!!!! The shoes are amazing. I wish my fiance bought me a Louis ;)

cassaundra said...

i want those shoes!!!!

Rock N Revolution said...


Crystalin said...

OMG, I'm freaking out! How on earth did you get these for $45, please tell me the trick! I'm obsessed :)

Pretty Little World said...

I found them at Nordstrom Rack - if you've got an Off Saks or a NR near you, I'd highly recommend going - you can find crazy good deals on shoes and other accessories.

Alicia said...

wow so jealous of your $45 jc clogs!! great find / purchase :)