Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty . Little . Outfits

Every time I look at street style blogs, I'm inspired to go into my closet and try to find new ways to put together the pieces that I have. It's always kind of surprising how much something like a simple belt or pair of shoes can change an outfit.

Pics: Wayne Tippets, Nova Style


Away with the fairy's said...

These girls all have such great style! such an inspirational post :)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

oooh! And loving the mixed up red plaids!! ...and the slouchy white blazer ... and prim schoolgirl/librarian look. So cute!

drollgirl said...

i think the first one is my favorite.

but i am also loving the big hair some of these girls are sporting. so big and FUN!

Linz said... amazes me when i see such style on street blogs. i always think it's merely for the runway, but there are many women out there who truly put a lot of wonderful thought into their wardrobe. i need to start!

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

love the next to last pic - great outfit - jeans that are dressed up to go anywhere -

Joanna Ladrido said...

such a great post! these girls are all so stylish!