Friday, August 27, 2010

Rike . Feurstein

I never used to wear scarves, of any kind. I hated them because I didn't think that they looked right on me. Of course that's silly - everyone can wear scarves. I usually gravitate toward chunkier knits and oversized shawls, which is perhaps why I love Rike Feurstein.

Her cozy pieces are super pretty, look as though they'd easily keep you warm, and they come in soft neutrals or bright colors, so you can stand out a little more or less, depending on your mood.

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Anna Walker said...

They do look super cozy! Aweh! I would love to wear the second one! :) Then I would never get cold !!!

Blicious said...

LOVING all of these!!


briannelee said...

I love the ones for your head. I need something like that for winter :)

drollgirl said...

ooooh, they look so thick and rich and luxurious! i LOVE the look of the texture. i just want to touch it!

My Dream Garden said...

Love them! You'll see plenty of scarves in my shop. I love them, too, which is why I knit