Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free . People

Not only does Free People peddle some of the cutest new clothing & accessories on the web, but as of this week they're into the vintage business as well. Their choice of pretty frocks and embroidered shirts is drool-worthy, but the price tag is a little less than desirable; even a simple plaid button-down will run you $128. Still, their pieces were clearly chosen with care, and it's worth taking a gander at! Shop Vintage Loves here.


BEES'NETTA said...

Oh wow....beautiful! I want to live in those pictures.

Linz said...

i love FP, but...yeeeeah, i'll need to diet hard to fit into most of their stuff. just saying. (-_-)

Katy said...

I always find that Free People is surprisingly expensive, given how down-to-earth and hippy-esque their general aesthetic tends to be. Still, I love to look at their picks and get inspiration, at the very least!