Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gypsy . Glamour

While the SS 09 runway shows have been done and over with for some time, it's only just starting to make it to the kind of weather in which we can wear those pretty frocks.

Some of the loveliest clothes for spring have come from Alberta Ferretti:

In her eponymous line, she sent down model after model wearing gorgeous dresses reminiscent of the most glamorous parts of the 1920s.

In her more modestly priced line (and when I say modest, it's only in comparison to her other collection; a dress from Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti would still force you to choose between the garment and a month's worth of rent), she stuck with glamour, but went the route hippie/gypsy:

Le I would love to spend the coming seasons frolicking about in these pretty little dresses.


briannelee said...

I love the purple dress... 2nd one down on the left.

I can't wait to wear dresses w/o tights!!!!

drollgirl said...

i keep staring at the red swishy number. LOVE IT!

Awesome Sara said...

those purples/blues dresses... i need them!!!! awesome

alissa said...

great 20s dresses - i love how you can tell the inspiration but they're not costume-y if that makes sense

Bethany@BudgetBride said...

I love Alberta Ferretti in general, but I'm much more into the first group in this case. The fuller skirts look better on me and I'm naturally a little boho no matter how much I try and shake it off, but I would love to be able to pull off that little red dress towards the top.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wow, I'm completely in love with the blue sleeved number in the Philosophy line.