Saturday, April 25, 2009

Private . Practice

I just finished watching the short first season of Private Practice on dvd. It started out a bit trite, but after a few episodes, I kind of liked it. It's fluff, don't get me wrong, but fun fluff ;)

I realize that this is television (land of the insanely unrealistic), but my major gripe with this show is that everyone is ridiculously beautiful. Even on Grey's Anatomy there are slightly less attractive characters. Not so with Private Practice:

Even in L.A., what are the chances that a seven person office would be filled with this many pretty people? I work at a university, with thousands of other people -- where the hell is someone on my campus who looks like Taye Diggs? Not there.

Also, I really would like the collective wardrobe of the women on this show; I would particularly like to have Addison's blouses:


alissa said...

i have to agree - i could just never get into that show and i think the over-prettiness was part of it. also, who would really ever get any work done if tay digs was there? i would just sit at my desk with a little paper towel folded up under me - to catch the drool.

still a grays anatomy fan though!

drollgirl said...

i love that blouse too!

and sometimes the more real the actor looks the more talent they have. not always, but sometimes, and it is kind of refreshing when shows have real looking folks instead of model-types. then again i am obsessed with gossip girl and that show is FILLED with gorgeousness. humph. i am babbling.

Ariel said...

Agreed! I'm just glad that in the picture, all the women aren't wearing stiletto heels!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

My main thought is that Addison needs to buy bigger blouses. She's kind of busting out of it.

Awesome Sara said...

I could never get into this show but dang everyone in it is so good looking!

Gosh I miss commenting on your blog. Not blogging for a few days is so weird and I feel Like I missed stuff.

Penny said...

It's so true!But it's the same with basically all tv shows.The people are all unbelievably beautiful,and even though I like the stories,and enjoy watching the shows,that one part kind of pisses me off.

That's why I love 30 Rock,because most of the people on that show look,oh,how do you call it?Oh yeah...NORMAL.