Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh . Oscar

I would like to thank (or kill!) the lovely Kate at Look Book for pointing out that Oscar de la Renta sells past season garments on his website in...get this...AN OUTLET BOUTIQUE!!

This means that you can get drop dead gorgeous pieces for hugely discounted prices.

Royal Dip-Dyed Skirt: Was $3250.00, now $975.00!!
V Neck Silk Crepe Gown: Was $4950.00, now $1485.00!!
Roll Collar Coat: Was $3590.00, now $1077.00!!

I'm not saying they're cheap, but if you needed a nice dress, Oscar de la Renta is certainly the way to go, and then to be able to get it 70% off -- that's difficult to pass up!


boylerpf said...

The prices are still an ouch but the pieces are gorgeous!

drollgirl said...

oh oscar!!! i cannot even imagine having one of his lovely gowns, but maybe someday, and if it is heavily discounted like these. :)

alissa said...

ooo good tip! still out of my pricec range...but good tip! :)