Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pete . Meet . Scarlett

I'm a HUGE fan of Pete Yorn -- his album, Music for the Morning After, is one of my favorite ever. When I heard he was collaborating with Scarlett Johanssen, I was skeptical. She's a gorgeous.gorgeous gal, and not a bad actor, but, not so much.

Yet I forced myself to watch the new video for their single "Relator" and I'm smitten!! The song is fun, the video is's kind of perfect.


The Cottage Cheese said...

This video IS cute. And Scarlett can actually sing! She's the total package. <----girl crush showing

Keeley said...

It is kinda perfect isn't it!?!?! Love it, love Pete Yorn!

ana b. said...

I absolutely cannot wait for this! Pete is not very well known in NZ but I'm a fan too. People are saying they're the new She & Him!